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Telescopic Crawler Crane
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Marchetti Teleskop-Raupenkran
CW 25.35 (Sherpina)

The Marchetti CW 25.35 Sherpina is an extremely compact telescopic crawler crane. Its total weight (including ballast) of only 25 tons and the low transport mass (length 7.1 m, width 2.5 m, allow cost effective logistics without special equipment.

The Sherpina belongs to the 25 ton payl oad class, has a 5 part telescopic boom with a length of 25.1 meters (with JIB up to 33.2 m long) and can extend its undercarriage hydraulically from 2.5 m to 3.9 m wide. The boom can be telescoped under (partial) load and it can travel under load. The var ious attachments optionally available make this crane a true all rounder.

As far as the engine is concerned, units with 129 kW rated power are available, both in EU 97/68 stage 3a and stage 5 variants.

Brochure Marchetti CW 25.35 Sherpina (Version Hersteller)

Brochure Marchetti CW 25.35 Sherpina (Version CRANTEC/Allkran)

Marchetti Teleskop-Raupenkran
CW 45.32

The Marchetti CW 45.32 is a compact telescopic crawler crane in the 45-ton class. Without ballast (10 t), its total weight is only 31 t with transport masses less than 12 m long and less than 3 m wide.

This telescopic crawler crane has a main boom 32 m long (divided into 4 sections). With the optionally available lattice boom extension (JIB), the system length can be extended to 46.5 m.


Brochure Marchetti CW 45.32 (Version Hersteller)

Marchetti Teleskop-Raupenkran
CW 55.40

The Marchetti CW 55.40 is a compromise between performance and mobility. As a crane in the 45-ton class, it optimally complements the Marchetti telescopic crawler crane model range.

Der CW 55.40 ist, abgesehen vom Ballast, baugleich mit dem CW 65.40 und dem Oberwagen des MTK 60 bzw. MTK 60-5. Er verfügt über einen Hauptausleger von 40 Metern, der in 5 Sektionen unterteilt ist. Die Systemlänge kann mit Verwendung der optional erhältlichen Gittermastverlängerung (JIB) auf 54,5 m verlängert werden.

Brochure Marchetti CW 55.40 (Version Hersteller)

Marchetti Teleskop-Raupenkran
CW 65.40

Marchetti CW 65.40 is a full telescopic crawler crane of 65 tons class. It is equipped with 14.5 tons of variable ballast and has a 40-meter boom divided into 5 sections. The system length can be extended to 54.5 meters using the optional lattice boom extension.

Brochure Marchetti CW 65.40 (Version Hersteller)

Marchetti Teleskop-Raupenkran
CW 70.42 L (Sherpa)

The Marchetti CW 70.42 rounds off the top of the Marchetti telescopic crawler crane range. This is a crawler crane in the 70-ton class.

As a special feature, this crawler crane offers the possibility of using additional insertable outriggers if required. These increase the crane's tilt stability by more than 200%.

The CW 70.42 has a main boom of 42 meters in length, divided into 5 sections. The boom can be extended to 56.5 meters with the optional lattice boom extension.

This crane is suitable for heavy-duty operations in rough terrain. It has proven its reliability for several years in daily use in Africa and Australia.

Brochure Marchetti CW 70.42 (Version Hersteller)

Brochure Marchetti CW 70.42 (Version CRANTEC/Allkran)



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