Spiering's SK599-AT5 (AID: CR_65966)

  • All Star Rating:
  • Manufacturer Spiers
  • Model SK599-AT5
  • Condition used & ready for operation
  • Construction year 2009
  • Capacity 9
  • Outrigger length 50
  • Engines 2
  • Axles 5
  • Counterweight
  • JIB
  • Last checked 2022-03-09
  • Number of hooks 1
  • Crane history available 1


The special thing about the SK599-AT5 is its power and its compact size with an extremely high performance. This crane can lift a full 9 tons without additional ballast and has a tower that can be extended to three heights. The result is a maximum tower height of 34.6 m; If necessary, work can also be carried out at half height. This crane is a second generation 5-axle crane. The compact chassis with its narrow support base offers the highest quality. This large crane fits into any vacant lot. With air conditioning in the crane cabin. Features: Capacity: 117 tm Maximum load: 9000 kg (up to 13.0 m) Peak load: 1900 kg Maximum radius: 50 m Lifting height: 32.6 m Tower height: 34.6 m Maximum lifting height: 56.3 m (jib luffed position: 30 °)
  • JIB with hydraulic actuation
  • Hook 1
  • Hook 2
  • Hook 3
  • Air conditioning crane cab
  • Air conditioning, chassis, cab
  • Heated crane cab
  • Prepared for 2nd winch
  • Aircraft warning light
  • Wind speed sensor
  • Vario base
  • Virtual wall
  • Emergency release
  • Wireless control
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